Things to Know about Ana diet and How to Follow It

If you are someone who would like to cut your weight and stay fit then the Ana diet or the ABC diet as they say it in the internet may come in handy. This is a well formulated diet plan that has thrived in the internet community for a long time. The Ana diet is nothing but a simple diet plan that runs for about 50 days. All that you have to do is to strictly follow the diet plan which clearly indicates the number of calories that you should eat every day.Ana diet

The Pros And Cons Of This Diet Plan

For any kind of diet plan there are many pros and cons associated and the Ana diet is not an exception for that. In this case, if you talk about the dangers, you should first understand that you should strictly follow the calorie intake as mentioned in the plan. This in other terms, supplies a very low-calorie intake for your body which my sometimes become fatal. The theory of the diet plan is based on the shifting of the calories. That means you will automatically be forced into a “starvation mode” when you start following the dieting method. Once the intake of food is reduced your body will automatically adjust for that starvation and this is what is being followed in this method. They adjust this by shifting the calorie intake so as to change the metabolism of the body. There are many problems associated with this concept. There is no underlying fact that determines that the body will lose the excess fat when you starve yourself. This may also lead to several health issues that will face a lot of fatalities for your body. Sometimes people will face the consequences in a very bad way. Some say that this weight loss plan will just make you lose weight purely by starvation and nothing else, however there are many out there w how have been benefited by this.